Confidence in Prayer

Prayer is an essential component to our faith. It is not optional. The Bible tells us over and over to pray, “pray for one another…pray without ceasing…pray that you may not enter into temptation.” If you are struggling to maintain a healthy and active prayer life, you are not alone. Just know that God deeply […]

Leading Through Adversity with Seth Obetz (EP. 9)

We are honored to have Seth Obetz from Seth Energy as our special guest for EP. 9 of the Men of Iron Podcast! Seth discusses the details and hurt of losing the family business through tragic circumstances. From having to lay off 300 plus employees to full-blown anxiety attacks, it is a powerful story of […]

The 5F’s – Part 2 (EP. 8)

Check out EP. 8 of the Men of Iron Podcast, with Steve, Garret & Justin, as we continue our discussion on the 5 F’s – Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness & Finances. We also talk some World Cup Finals 2018, Justin Bieber, and trying to get that perfect beach pic at all costs!

Don’t Give Up

Are you exhausted, at a loss for words and answers? Are you just going through the motions? I guarantee you, you are not alone. My word for you today is, don’t give up! If you’ve ever watched ESPN you most likely have heard the famous speech from Jim Valvano, a former college basketball coach who […]

Put Your Wants Into Action

The gulf between wanting to do something and actually doing it often feels enormous. I want to be a better husband, but how do I get there? I want to stop looking at pornography but I can’t break the addiction. I want to wake up early every morning and read my Bible, but I keep […]

Testimony Thursday (EP. 6)

Check out EP. 6 of the Men of Iron Podcast featuring a testimony from Strong27™ protege – Quint Eno. Quint shares his story of salvation as he discovered who Christ is through one-to-one mentorship.

Victory in Christ (EP. 4)

Men of Iron Podcast EP. 4. Our new Director of Development, Justin Watkins, joins the show! As we approach Easter we discuss our victory in Christ and how we can live from victory and not for victory.