EQUILIBRIUM is a turn-key men’s retreat resource designed to help Christian men restore balance in their lives. The core focus of the curriculum addresses balance in five (5) areas of every believer’s life – Faith, Family, Finances, Friends and Fitness and serves as a pre-cursor for our more intensive, Strong27™ Men’s Mentorship Experience.


Engagement: Small Group [Leader + (6) Men]

Commitment: ($$) Retreat Experience + 5 Mths Follow Up


At Men of Iron, we believe mentorship is most effective through a 1-to-1 (1 mentor, 1 protege) or micro group (1 mentor, 2-3 proteges) setting. That’s why we created Strong27™ – a mentorship experience that provides the tools and training needed for mentors and proteges to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances.

Directors are the men who have a particular calling on their life to see a community of men growing in their personal faith through mentorship. Men of Iron will equip you, as a leader of men, with the tools necessary to lead effectively.


Engagement: 1-to-1 or Micro Group

Commitment: ($) 12 Mth Mentorship Experience