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Iron Rep Resources

As an Iron Rep you are tasked with cultivating brand recognition within your territory, this page will serve as a resource for you in that quest. With these promotional materials, our goal is to make it easy for you to get the word out to your community about Men of Iron. We’ve prepared promotional material, videos, and even social media posts for you to share.

Marketing Request

If you would like to request additional marketing material or have suggestions for specific collateral, please contact fill out the marketing request form to start the process.


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Mentorship Training

Anchoredman Videos

Mentorship Training Camp Videos

Strong27™ Quarterly Huddles

Quarterly Huddle Videos:

Equilibrium Videos

Equilbrium Pro-Tips (For EQ Leaders)

EQ Mile Marker Videos

Equilibrium PDFs (For Leaders)

A Man’s Gameplan Video Course

A Man’s Gameplan PDF’s

A Man’s Friends Video Course

Fruit of the Spirit Video Course


Men of Iron | What We Do Video

Aaron's Testimony

History of Men of Iron