Strong27™ Mentor & Protege Training

LIVE SIMULCAST – October 27, 2018




We are excited for you to join our simulcast training, live from Reading, PA. This training will be educating, equipping, and energizing mentors and proteges as we prepare for a 12-month journey of one-on-one mentorship through Strong27™. Proteges will be challenged to lead, driving the mentorship forward. Mentors will be asked to hold their proteges accountable and challenge them to grow as leaders. Both mentor and protege will grow together as godly leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.


When: Saturday, October 27th, 2018 (9:00 am – 11:45 am – EST)

Where: LIVE from GT Church (Reading, PA)

What: Strong27™ Mentor & Protege Training

*For any questions or technical issues, please contact (or by phone at 717-226-4586)

Featuring Executive Director Garret Barbush

and Director of Ministry Dave Towers

Strong27™ equips churches and communities to cultivate a men’s ministry focused on leadership and strength. It’s a 12-month journey of man-to-man mentorship and transformation. Both protégés and mentors grow in accountability, balance and spiritual growth. Men emerge courageous, disciplined and emboldened by the Holy Spirit to be the leaders they’re called to be.