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Your Men of Iron Story

At the heart of our work are stories of transformation that celebrate what God is restoring in men, their marriages, families and communities. Those stories result in a culture changed one man at a time. It’s time for you to add your chapter to the story.

Equilibrium Testimony | Mike Hojnacki

How to film your video:

  1. It’s pretty easy, use your smart phone
  2. Find a quiet place to film
  3. Keep it steady. Do not hold your phone, place it on a stack of books or a window sill
  4. Shoot horizontal. Turning your phone horizontally is the best way to record your video
  5. Quality audio. Make sure you are close to your phone or use headphones with a mic
  6. Keep it short. 1-2 minutes is perfect.
  7. Questions to consider when sharing your story. 
  8. Send video submission to (Note: Video files are often too large to send via email so use a file sharing platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.