As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Strong27™ was founded on the concept of a mentor and protege meeting face-to-face to experience accountability, balance and spiritual growth. Providing you the best opportunity to KNOW GOD, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE and KNOW EACH OTHER.


At Men of Iron, we believe mentorship is most effective through a 1-to-1 or micro group setting. That’s why we created Strong27™ – a mentorship experience that provides the tools and training needed for mentors and proteges to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances.

Interested in bringing Strong27™ to your church, men’s group, or business? Or looking for a mentor? Contact us today for a free consultation to help you jumpstart your mentorship experience!

Executive Mentorships

The Strong27™ Executive Mentorship is designed for marketplace leaders looking for accountability, balance and spiritual growth, with an intentional focus on growing in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances.

“Coming into the Strong27™ mentorship experience, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what accountability was because I never had a father figure or positive role models in my life. Now that I’ve experienced mentorship, my life is changed forever.” Chad – Strong27™ Protege 2019

Why Strong27™?

Gear Up!

The Strong27™ Mentorship Package is here. Get started in your Strong27™ mentorship, today!

Mentorship Package Includes:

  • Strong27™ Mentorship Guide
  • 20 Lessons Series Books (5 Books)
  • Strong27™ Mentorship Training Camp (Online Video Series)