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MEN OF IRON + is a complete library of digital resources designed for men to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances. Video courses, small group curriculum, challenges, practical assessments and other digital content specifically for men!

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What do I get?


  • A Man’s Friends – 6-Part video series discussing the essentials and attributes of a man’s friends
  • Fruit of the Spirit – A 9-part video series diving into Galatians 5
  • The Very Good Sex Talk – Helping parents engage with their kids in the conversations surrounding sex & sexuality
  • Fit & Forged – A 30-day fitness challenge
  • DISCIPLINE RESTORE(D) – 30-day challenge reigniting spiritual disciplines
  • A Man’s Gameplan – A 5 session coursed designed to help men develop a gameplan for their 5F’s
  • My 5F Action Plan – A 4-day action plan to help you understand how to set and achieve SMART goals



“Men of Iron Plus has proved to be a valuable resource for me. I recently completed the 5F Action Plan, which helped me create and set goals in my 5F’s! I’m excited to check out all the resources available to me and plan on buying a subscription for my protege.” Ben S. 

$4.99 per month

Individually, these resources are valued from $19.99 – $39.99 per resource. We’re offering unlimited access to all the on-demand resources for $4.99 per month! 

How Does It Work?

Pretty simple.

  1. Choose your plan (individual or group plans)
  2. Subscribe and Review the Men of Iron+ library
  3. Enroll to unlock any resource

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A Man’s Friends

A Man’s Friends, provided exclusively with Men of Iron+, is a 6-part video series, including round table discussions with Garret Barbush, Vince Miller and Justin Watkins. Available exclusively on MEN OF IRON+!

Each video comes with additional downloadable content, providing instruction and direction for you, your mentorship or small group.

Join the action as we discuss the essentials and attributes of a man’s friends and explore what kind of friend we all should strive to be!


Discipline RESTORE(D)

26-day Challenge intended to reignite the discipline of prayer, Scripture reading, solitude and more foundational blocks of a man’s faith journey.


This e-course equips parents to have biblically based conversations surrounding sex and sexuality with their children. Every video comes with a worksheet, helpful handouts, and tools for ongoing dialogue.


A 5-week fitness challenge that brings weekday devotional content to reinforce the balance of spiritual and physical discipline in every man's life.