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A Man’s Voyage – Part Five

by Garret Barbush | President & CEO

You may be tuned into this series because of a goal, a desire to learn and grow, or because you want to tackle challenges you are facing in life. These are important, but the first and greatest commandment is top priority – to love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is your starting point, and He is your foundation. 

Your life is your vessel. God is the creator of the vessel, and you are the captain. To accomplish the mission of loving Him and making disciples, you must first anchor down. Anchoring down allows God to strengthen your faith so you can find success. 

Leave the Harbor

However, a vessel shouldn’t stay sheltered in the harbor forever. They’re created for adventure. As a man, you are designed to cross choppy seas. And as the captain, you are also responsible for your family, friends, fitness, and finances. God designed you to love Him and receive His love, and he also asks you to pour that love out for others by having a plan, taking responsibility, serving others, and having courage and grit. These responsibilities require you to be organized, healthy, and faithful in your voyage. 

Like vessels on the open sea, your life can quickly be overtaken by the winds, waves, and storms. Therefore, you must navigate your vessel into the harbor regularly to anchor down. Regular respites are the only way to stay seaworthy. When you are healthy, you can continually pursue the adventures of life. 

Stand Firm

As a captain, you must stand firm with leadership and strength. The voyage ahead of you is long. You will encounter winds, waves and storms, but you are fully capable of standing firm. When God’s Word, prayer, and solitude are a man’s top priorities, then he can stand firm amid storms, and will prevail in leadership and strength. 

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