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The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Be the Example

My mom was in the healthcare industry for decades. For her, the pay was never the cause. Compassion was her cause. She broke down with all the lifting, leaning, and carrying of patients. It was a joy to watch her in her element, though. She radiated love and acceptance; no person was too small. She had sympathy in her eyes and warmth in her smile. This same dynamic made its way into her home. She welcomed social outcasts and those struggling with bad choices. Never with judgment. Always with love. She served in-home care, adult care centers, and hospitals. I long to be compassionate like mom.

All that said, mom and I went round and round. She didn’t want me to grow up, and I fought like hell’s army to push her away. That’s a fact I am not proud to admit. When she left earth, the opportunity to right wrongs left with her. What is left behind are memories of what “was” and longings for what “wasn’t.” I must fight through the pain of her disastrous ending to remember an admirable quality. Compassion is the quality I choose.

I was talking to a young man who was grieving the loss of his mom, and heaven’s voice gave me some words of encouragement. Find the positive because the negative will try to choke it out. Further, find that quality or characteristic and live it out like your mom. Remember, reflect, and celebrate that quality. Mom set this kind of example for me.


You don’t get to choose if we will set an example, but we choose the kind of example. I choose compassion because of the example you set. Thanks, Mom.


Be a mentor

Find a mentor.

Be a better man.