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The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Finding Your Wild

Once a month, I trek onto a lonesome trail to unplug and unwind. I have gained and lost so much on trips like these. The masculine soul needs disengagement for spiritual engagement. Last month, a nearby lake provided the backdrop for a short hike and soul respite. The partially paved Campfire Trail offered a 270-degree view of the lake at its furthest point. I could hear the fisherman in a boat that looked more like a speed boat with rod holders. The anglers were swapping stories and angling for more. Other boaters created waves similar to the Atlantic. The waves beat the sand mercilessly. Scenery like this offers a simple, unexpected, natural beauty.

The Campfire trail connects with a smaller, less-traveled path down the high banks emptying into a beachfront. This narrow cove would be where I made my retreat from the beating waves and bass anglers coming near the shoreline. It takes a lot for my wandering mind to slow and still. Though I love the woods, wind, and wild, these trips take discipline to avoid distraction. As this side trail narrowed around a left bend, I saw that no protection existed between me and the drop below. The trail was the guide. A cavalier mindset would be a mistake. One step left, and I was going uphill, and a step to the right, and I fall down an embankment. My only hope was to continue on the path with a disciplined approach. Masculinity needs discipline, exploration, and beauty. The path was the guardrail when adversity hit.


Faith, family, friendships, finances, and fitness are all part of the masculine path.

Stay on the trail.


Find your wild.


Be a mentor

Find a mentor.

Be a better man.