The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Finish It

I don’t have the gift of running. I have the discipline of cardio, but I am not a gifted runner. I am not the guy who can run seven-minute miles at a heart rate of 135 beats per minute. Now that I think of it, I am more of a plodder than a runner. When my brother asked me to run an ultramarathon, I was very cautious of the commitment and wondered if he had bumped his head. He and I have embarked on obstacle course racing, but this is another beast. The fascination wore off like deodorant at a blistering hot theme park. We did some homework and noticed that the course was roughly 32 miles. 32 miles! The longest distance I had run up to that point was 13.1 (ten years before)! I stared at the screen and pondered life and death. Not really, but I did wonder if I could complete such a feat as a novice “runner.”

We decided what race we wanted to run; I paid the entry fee and started looking for a plan that worked for my lifestyle and goals. It was one thing to sign up, and it was another to start and finish a training regimen. We rallied with two other guys while sharing tips and strategies for completing the race without injury. The training would bring excitement, doubt, and small amounts of fear before I laced up my shoes on race day. I decided to finish the day I signed up for the ultra. As I mentioned in a previous MOI Minute called Energy Reserves, willpower has benefits. It’s one thing to start, and it’s another to finish.


The quest of Christian manhood is that you aren’t competing against another man, and you are competing against who you were yesterday.


+ Commit to mentorship.

+ Plan for mentorship.

+ Execute mentorship.

+ Finish stronger than you began.


Be a mentor.

Find a mentor.

Be a better man.




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