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The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Fire Away

Shockingly, I have opinions, relatively strong opinions. But don’t worry. You do too. We all have opinions and preferences. Don’t get me started on preferences. We like what we like, and consequently, we don’t like what we don’t like, and we can be the worst offenders when trying to convince the world they are wrong while coming across as “right.” But what happens when what I prefer rubs off other people’s preferences and opinions. That kind of thing usually blows up like that old gas can your little brother lit on fire.

In the church world, we may be the worst at this. Church leaders use history, theology, and truth as battering rams to tear down other orthodox beliefs and practices. All the while, they stand proudly on a holy hill. I was one of these people for a long time with much anguish. Here recently, I put my maturity to the test. While traveling, my wife and I attended a church of different faith practice. It was the kind of church that sings hymns only and reads a lot of scripture during the service with a sprinkling of other ancient traditions that have been the mainstay for hundreds of years. It was quite odd but quite good. I am not ready to abandon my opinions, beliefs, and preferences, but I can appreciate there’s. They are passionate about the Gospel, and I am passionate about the Gospel. Finally, common ground.


Finding common ground is for the common good.

Do you run from people who view the world differently than you?

Do you avoid conversations that challenge your thinking?

Have a hard time saying what needs to be said?


Find common ground.

Oh yeah, and don’t throw lit matches into gas cans.


Be a mentor

Find a mentor.

Be a better man.