The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Flex A Little

Brian Dawkins was a fierce football player. He played sixteen years in the NFL and most of them with the Philadelphia Eagles. Dawkins’s play on the field earned him a place in the Football Hall of Fame. Dawkins, a hard-hitting safety, played the game with reckless abandon. Eagles fans still talk about his play and competitive spirit. He is etched in the annuls of Eagles’ folklore. What often gets overlooked is an odd pregame ritual. Dawkins would run around the field like a madman, he looked as if he had six red bulls, and someone said something offensive about his mom. Part theatre. Part vengeance. Completely memorable.

Pregame rituals are a part of every sport. During a nationally televised baseball game, the starting pitcher fielded questions during his pregame warmup. The game was weather delayed, and consequently, his pregame ritual was disturbed. During the interview, the pitcher said this gem, “Fall in love with the process, not the result.” This night was his two hundredth career start, so he knows a thing or two about pitching in the MLB. He also adds wisdom to every man who is actively pursuing a goal. No goal is reached without routines and processes. The 5F’s (Check out our FREE resource, the 5F Action Plan) are accomplished through intentional elements that help you grow a routine. Life is filled with potholes of distraction and disturbances, so we must pivot to stay on the road to growth. Don’t give up on your goals; learn to regroup and maneuver if you must, but don’t stop growing.


Get a routine, and don’t be a slave to that routine.

Flex a little.


Be a mentor.

Find a mentor.

Be a better man.




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