The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Lights, Camera, More Action

The Lancaster Marriott Conference Center emptied its faithful patrons after celebrating Men of Iron’s past and future. The pyrotechnics of smoke and flame had been extinguished, but the fire for Jesus is white-hot! Garrett, our President and CEO shined a light on the future while honoring the last fifteen years, and Coach Tony Dungy inspired the masses to stay on the mentoring course. Nearly a thousand people left with a renewed passion for mentorships and Kingdom impact.

Two young men came to the stage as the crowd began to file out.

Their faces wore the swollen eyes of heavy burdens and bad choices—no hiding pain like that. A brother steps in to help and encourage these two younger men. There I am with another reminder that the work must continue. No time to hit pause. No reason to stop. No time to relax. Just the continual work of mentorships. We are changing a culture one man at a time.


Celebrate the past.

Dream for the future.

Do today’s work, today.


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