The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Limitations Don’t Have to Limit You

The NBA playoffs are heating up! The teams still playing are high caliber, which means better competition game after game. The momentum swings back and forth as each team boosts energy from the crowd like 5-hour energy mixed with a red bull after sipping some espresso! Okay, that’s a bit much, but to say I enjoy it is like saying ghost peppers are hot, an enormous understatement. The other day, what caught my eye was a player riding the bench. He’s a veteran with multiple championships under his belt, but on this day, he was in street clothes while recovering from a neck injury. A competitor like him would much rather mix it up with his teammates, but he can’t do what he wants. Instead, he was to do what he could with what he had.

What can a player do when he cannot shoot, pass or even run? He can use his wisdom and influence to encourage and equip his team, which this player was doing. He was on the sideline proudly standing like a general on the field of battle, watching his troops. As he paced, he yelled out the proper position for the players to defend against their foes as if warning his troops of incoming artillery fire. It inspired me to watch him use the things he had to give. He didn’t have a bounce pass, jump shot, or monster dunk, so his offering was wisdom and influence as a mentor.

As men, we need not reflect on what we can’t do; instead…

We should dwell and lean on what we can do. Paul, the Apostle, is an excellent example of this. While in Roman custody, far removed from the action of the churches he had planted, Paul was not powerless. Paul has limited freedom and even less mobility. Paul does the very thing he can do at that moment. He writes to a church in another Roman outpost that offers encouragement and spiritual direction. He encourages them with joyful optimism because the Romans couldn’t take away his walk with Christ, and they couldn’t take away the churches either.


Mentorship is a terrific way to give what you have.


Be a mentor

Find a mentor.

Be a better man.



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