Men of Iron Podcast

Fight the Dad Bod Feat. Cam Hall | EP. 62

On EP. 62, Chad talks with featured guest, Cam Hall. Cam is a nutritionist and the founder of Fight the Dad Bod – working to help fathers be fit through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

In high school Cam had an unhealthy relationship with food and fitness, trying to live up to this perceived persona as the “fit guy”, which ultimately failed. As a first-time dad, overstressed and overworked, Cam’s unhealthy relationship with food resulted in him gaining a ton of weight. Because of his experiences and struggles Cam is using his expertise to help other men out there fight the dad bod!

To the man out there who is sick and tired of feeling fat, weak and out of shape, go to fightthedadbod.com to claim your body back!

“My favorite thing about being a dad is being active with my kids.




Takeaways From the Podcast:

  • Focusing on your physique can create a shallow man and form a false identity.
  • Cam wandered from faith and family and then a traumatic experience shook him to the core.
  • His fitness journey has helped him to become the man he is today.
  • How faith and fitness work together.
  • Cam talks about why the best part of fatherhood is being active.
  • “My favorite thing about being a dad is being active with my kids.”
  • Being a dad is showing your kids the ups and downs of life.
  • Cam discusses
    • How you can benefit from eating (PFC 3) Protein, Fat, & Carb every 3 hours.
    • Why you may have chocolate cravings. (magnesium, low on iron)
    • How you can survive a cheat meal and food and still get back on plan.
    • Why cheat days are a bad way of looking at food.