Men of Iron Podcast

Spiritual Growth Feat. Garret Barbush | EP. 65


On EP. 65 of the Men of Iron Podcast, Garret and Chad continue the 4-part series on the four pillars of growth. Last week we talked about the intellectual side of a man’s life and this week we talk about the spiritual side.

Men, spiritual growth is a process, but it is also a journey through which we open our hearts to a deeper connection with God. We are not bystanders in our spiritual lives, we are active participants with God!

“These storms that we are going through are temporary. But with a solid rock, we get to experience eternity in heaven. That’s a gift that’s given to us. So we have to look at, what am I living for in the temporary? Don’t put your hope in that stuff, that house is going to fall.” // Garret Barbush

“It’s so easy to miss God in the midst of living.”

// Chad Zueck