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5 Ways to Fight Discouragement & Confusion, Part 2:Find Your Purpose | EP. 72

“When a man has a solid purpose he is naturally motivated.

// Chad Zueck


On EP. 72 of the Men of Iron Podcast, Chad is back with Part 2 of our discussion on the “5 Ways to Fight Discouragement & Confusion.” Part 2: Find Your Purpose, will help you get unstuck and fight discouragement and confusion by finding the WHY, PURPOSE, (the WIND) that will motivate you!

The wind is God given and personally experienced. Simon Sinek calls it your “why.” It’s the thing that makes your heart come alive. It’s the place where longings and dreams come true. The wind has been referred to as “flow” and I like to think of it as a mystical way of living an unforced life. A key to remember is patiently waiting for God to move is not the same as passivity.

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  • Finding your purpose will motivate you!
  • “When a man has a solid purpose he is naturally motivated.” // Chad Zueck
  • A sailor must know the direction of the wind to position his sail. The sail is positioned to utilize the wind for forward motion. You can move forward as long as you know the direction of the WIND.
  • The wind is God given and personally experienced. Simon Sinek calls it your “why.”
  • Be patient, God is not in a hurry, he does not want you to be in a hurry
  • Why do we get stuck in life? (Drift syndrome, Priorities over passion, False expectations, Disobedience, Comparison)
  • If you are stuck, discouraged or confused, take some time to pray and meditate.
  • God wants you to understand who you are and why you are on earth. Purpose is not a mystery to be figured out; purpose is a blessing to live with.
  • “A man’s calling is written on his true heart, and he discovers it when he enters the frontier of his deep desires.” John Eldredge
  • Purpose is found in service to God, others or a righteous cause.
  • While hardship can lead to purpose, most people probably find purpose in a more meandering way, through a combination of education, experience, and self-reflection, often helped along by encouragement from others.
  • Whatever work man was given to do was out of service to God.