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Men of Iron Podcast

5 Ways to Fight Discouragement & Confusion, Part 3: Learning & Listening | EP. 73

“Adversity reveals attitude and sharpens aptitude.

// Chad Zueck


On EP. 73 of the Men of Iron Podcast, Chad is back with Part 3 of our discussion on the “5 Ways to Fight Discouragement & Confusion.” Part 3: Learning & Listening, will help you develop a way of learning and experiencing life where you become a friend of knowledge and a companion of wisdom. Build relationships and rhythms of life where you allow the gospel to develop your aptitude and attitude towards learning and listening.

“Relationships and Rhythms help us hear from God and remind us of who we are in Christ.” // Chad Zueck

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  • Relationships, rhythms, and rituals help us hear from God
  • Develop a way of learning and experiencing life where you become a friend of knowledge and a companion of wisdom
  • God wants to speak to us
  • Hearing from God seems so super- spiritual and unrealistic, but this is what God desires.
  • Why we don’t hear from God and understand our purpose: We want God to show us not tell us, we chose today over tomorrow, we focus more on WHAT than WHO, doing and being, we make it about us not God
  • Adversity reveals attitude and sharpens aptitude
  • A Godly attitude doesn’t come because you decide to smile harder. That’s petty and really a stupid notion. A Godly attitude comes because you decide to follow God
  • God is working on our character while we are walking out His purpose for us
  • When our attitude is positioned well our aptitude will steadily improve
  • Aptitude gets better with time and experience
  • Practice daily rhythms to help you lean into your purpose