Men of Iron Podcast

 5 Principles of Living Manfully feat. Mike Yarbrough | EP. 95

“A man who carries the truth must also become a man of conviction.” // Chad Zueck

On EP. 94 of the Men of Iron Podcast Chad sits down Mike Yarbrough, the founder of Wolf & Iron, as Mike breaks down the 5 Principles of Living Manfully. Mike has a passion for entrepreneurship, stories, and helping men heed the High Call of manful living. Wolf & Iron was created to inspire men to heed this High Call and to give them the tools to do so.

“It’s ironic that manliness comes through adversity, and yet adversity is the thing we so often want to solve. A man who can’t find some admirable duty to perform in a time of peace and prosperity is merely a soldier. The man, who can, well, that man is a king.” // Mike Yarbrough

Wolf & Iron Website: https://wolfandiron.com/
Rustic & Main Website: https://rusticandmain.com/

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  • On EP. 94 of the Men of Iron Podcast Chad sits down with Mike Yarbrough
  • Wolf & Iron was created to inspire men to heed the High Call on their lives and to give them the tools to do so.
  • What is the condition of Christian manhood today?
  • You and your family also serve as a light to countless children who will never know what a family with a father looks like. To you it may seem ordinary, scarcely worth the thought. But to the the fatherless, it’s a striking and mighty call of goodness
  • 5 Principles of Living Manfully:
    • Living Deliberately
      • Escaping into the wilderness to test himself, autonomy, and find himself. He found Transcendentalism, but he was deliberate.
    • Living Courageously
      • Create testing points for courage.
    • Living Virtuously
      • What virtues should a man work towards having?
    • Living Truthfully
      • The TRUTH tells us how the world really is.
    • Living Spiritually
      • “As Christians, we are becoming today who we will be forever.” C. N. Zueck
  • What is the Foundry? The Foundry is an online community of men heeding the High Call on our lives. We have a number of groups within The Foundry that are focused on specific areas of life that men care about. ($7.99 a month)