The Battle for Man – Part Two

by Garret Barbush | President & CEO

In Genesis 1:1, God created two things—the heavens and the earth. The earth is formless, empty, and full of darkness. This sounds like confusion, worthlessness, misery, and destruction. Imagine what it would have looked like—dark, depressing, and without hope. Unfortunately, this is where many of us find ourselves in the journey. We struggle to live out the values of Christian manhood.  

Yet we have hope because scripture says the Spirit of God hovered over the water, above the chaos. This is where the real battle between light and darkness started. 

Genesis 1:3 – “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.”  

Light is linked to brightness and clarity. God saw the light was good—it’s comparable to happiness, joy, pleasantness, and prosperity. Doesn’t this sound like the life we all want? Any man with a sound mind would choose a life of clarity, happiness, joy, and prosperity over a life of confusion, worthlessness, misery, and destruction. So, how do we obtain a life like this?  

The answer is simple: choose light. 

Pick a Fight! Men – we have two options. We can choose the hope in Jesus Christ and his promises (light) or we can choose the chaos and destruction of Satan’s wicked lies and schemes (darkness). Which one will you choose?