Directors – you are the key to the success of men engaging in intentional mentorship, where accountability and goal-setting become the bedrock of a man’s faith. Without your leadership these mentorships often grow stale and the potential God-given opportunity is lost.


Men of Iron equips you, a leader among men, with the resources needed to invite, lead and exponentially grow this community of men under your care.


See the simple steps below and get engaged to lead your men on this mentorship journey!


Strong27™ Mentorship Experience is only as successful as the Director that leads this effort. That’s why we’ve designed an entire battery of resources to ensure you’re equipped to launch and sustain the mentorship experience.

Here are just a few resources designed for your role, as a Director…


  • FOUNDRY – Your online portal for inviting men into mentorship, assigning groups, tracking mentorships in-flight, as well as all the media resources needed to lead well
  • QUARTERLY HUDDLES – Video series that (re)engages your mentors & proteges to stay at it and equipping them with tips for success
  • DIRECTOR-SPECIFIC MEETINGS – A time of encouragement for the Director, specifically. Led by Men of Iron to help keep you in the fight



If you've not already started, we encourage you to begin praying about the men that would fill both mentor and protege. Each role is critical to the journey and we've even taken the guesswork out of the invitation process. Review our media resources and get those invitations out!


We've provide the Strong27™ Mentorship Package with a turn-key approach to mentorship. Each role - mentor and protege - will need a package for this experience. We've specifically designed discounted bundle packages to help reduce the cost for those church and community partners that have a several men under your leadership. Purchase your packages, today!


Men of Iron resources the Director with the tools to kickstart your mentorships. It all begins with the Mentorship Training Camp (virtual sessions) and Foundry experience (online portal). Contact our Mentorship Development team today to get started.

Strong27™ Mentorship Package

Mentorship Package Includes:

  • Strong27™ Mentorship Guide
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Faith
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Family
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Finances
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Friends
  • 20 Lessons That Build A Man’s Fitness
  • 12 Month Subscription to The Foundry

Director Resources

How Do I Find A Mentor?

How Do I Find A Protege?

Director Instructional Video