God’s Etch A Sketch

God has been stirring things up lately.  He’s up to something.  I feel like His Etch A Sketch.  As I have tried to implement different things into my own life, He has been picking me up and shaking me around, only to start a new project within me each time.  He has revealed Himself to me in unique ways.  It’s exciting.  It’s frustrating.  It’s challenging.  However, I think that’s what being a man is all about.  We are wired to take on challenges.

His gift of authority keeps being re-created in my life.  Through Men of Iron, we are often instructed that God has given each of us the gift of authority over our own lives.  He allows us to make our own choices.  He allows us to choose whether or not we want to work hard versus being lazy.  We get to choose whether we will be intentional or unintentional.  It’s our choice to love or hate.  He allows us to choose joy or bitterness.  It’s time to start using this gift of authority wisely!  It’s time to start using the gift of authority in a way that reflects His light.

Unfortunately, a lot of men choose to not use it wisely and in return, our wives, children, careers, communities and churches suffer for it.  Everyone and everything around us is surrounded by darkness because we choose to take our authority for granted or we abuse the gift.  Our circumstances, egos and lack of humility are often the root cause of this issue.

He has given each of us a certain amount of authority.  However, we are first and foremost UNDER authority.  As men, are we coming under Christ’s authority?  We will never use the gift of authority in an honoring and pleasing way to God if we are not first reporting to Him and following His instructions.  It’s a very simple concept.

Stu Weber says it perfectly in his book, Tender Warrior.  “I may think I’m cut out to be a good general. But have I first learned to be a good soldier? Before one can ever lead, he must learn to follow.”

We have been charged to be generals.  However, let’s not forget that effective generals were once successful soldiers who recognized they were under authority.  Are you under His authority?

Garret Barbush, Executive Director