Unconsciously Competent

Have you ever had one of those moments where God whispers to you?

I’m not talking about hearing His audible voice but more or less a “nudge” from Him.  I occasionally experience this.  While it can be exciting, it can also result in my mind racing for hours or days.

I’m currently taking ‘Executive Communications’ at Lebanon Valley College where I’m pursuing my MBA.  In tonight’s class each student had to do a 2-3 minute speech/presentation.  After the speeches, our professor lectured a bit on public speaking.  She encouraged us to get to a point in our careers where presentations and public speaking become something where we are unconsciously competent.

Take for example the following: driving a manual transmission car, swinging a golf club, signing your name, etc.  These are things that we had to learn how to do.  However, through a lot of time and repetition, it becomes second nature to us.  We no longer have to think about how to do it.  We just do it.

On my way home, I started to think about this concept.  Out of nowhere I felt “The Nudge.”  I felt like the Holy Spirit was asking me, “Garret, is your walk with Me unconsciously competent?”

While I would like to think that my relationship with Jesus is one that is second nature to me, I think about certain areas in my life where I stumble…and then get back up…and stumble again.  As I think about that, I realize that my walk is not as unconsciously competent as the Lord really desires it to be.

This may be a wrecking ball question for you, but what’s the status of your faith right now?  Is it something that is unconsciously competent?  Dwell on that for a bit…

Garret Barbush, Executive Director