Joe Cummons - Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operations Officer, Joe is tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Men of Iron. He is responsible for the management and performance of Men of Iron’s organizational core functions.

“When Bryan Zeamer launched Men of Iron at Victory Church I was one of the original 10 Mentors, now more than a decade later I come full circle joining Men of Iron on staff. Pretty amazing.

I have failed numerous times in my life in many areas, but learned valuable lessons along the way, If I can share some of these learnings with men and help them avoid some of the land minds I have stepped on, we can save them and their loved ones time and suffering. As men we will all have pain and suffering in our lives, but helping to reduce a portion of that, is worth all of the time needed.”

Joe is an accomplished operations executive with a proven record of leading complex, global companies through operational transformation. Prior to Men of Iron, Joe held senior operational positions with companies like Graham Packaging, Signode Industrial Group and Mauser Packaging Solutions.

Joe and his wife Mary reside in Lititz, PA and attend Life Center Church. They have 1 daughter, 2 step children, and 5 grandkids.

Joe enjoys golf and sports cars.

Interesting fact about Joe: Joe is a former marine, embassy guard duty.