John Connell - Senior VP of Operations

As Senior VP of Operations, John is responsible for the management and performance of the core processes of marketing, mentorship development, and fundraising development

“In C.S. Lewis’s quote from The Abolition of Man, he states – “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst…”. His intent was to say that we produce men with no heart, purpose, or fortitude, yet expect the opposite. I believe MOI exists for this purpose, through the speaking into a protégé by a more disciplined form of a man who’s developed that heart. It’s why I’m honored to join the ranks of this organization to perpetuate that mission.”

John spent the past 7+ years working with ministries around the world, bringing exceptional technology solutions to help enhance their local ministry. Prior to that, he held various sales, marketing and general executive roles within Saas technologies for government agencies and healthcare, food manufacturing company and animal retail manufacturing.

John and his wife Laura, have two incredible kids – Reagan (12) and Noah (10). They attend Lancaster Alliance Church.

John enjoys feeding his creative outlet through woodworking, restoring vehicles and simply finding ways to meet his family where their hobbies lie and getting engaged.

Interesting fact about John: He paid his way through Undergrad college doing auto loan collections and even spent many nights doing repossessions.