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Founded in 2006, Men of Iron is a community benefit organization designed to sharpen men and strengthen churches across the nation. Men of Iron blesses church partners with an intentional mentorship ministry for FREE. Each church partner receives consultation and planning, training for mentors and protégés, and mentoring resources and curriculum.

  • Nate Carr

    I can’t stress enough the importance of raising up strong men in today’s society. I believe in Men of Iron and believe every man should be a mentor and have a protégé. — Nate Carr, Olympic Wrestler, Minister, & Commentator

  • Bryan Zeamer

    Since establishing this mentoring program in our church, God has used Men of Iron to change lives, save marriages and fix broken relationships. — Bryan R. Zeamer, Founder, Men of Iron

  • Carmen Chiarelli

    My mentor, along with Jesus, has opened my eyes to a new world. I look forward to meeting with my mentor because he provides ways for me to understand the Bible more clearly with his unique teaching style. I’ve been able to deepen my faith and walk with God because of Men of Iron. — Carmen Chiarelli, 2011 Protégé