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Basecamp – Free Resources

Basecamp is where the adventure begins. Journey at your own pace without accountability or financial commitment. Here you will find FREE resources like the Discipline Restore(D) 30-Day Men’s Devotional and video studies such as A Man’s Game Plan, A Man’s Friends, Fruit of the Spirit and more.


30-Day Devotional


DISCIPLINE RESTORE(D) is a 30-day men’s devotional designed to reignite spiritual disciplines in your life. It will give you simple and practical instruction on scripture reading, journaling, prayer, solitude and more. This men’s daily devotional online will help establish the foundational blocks of your faith journey.

When registered, you’ll receive daily emails every morning for 30 days (with a day off every 7th day) that will have an audio file + the transcript + the challenge for that day. The devo will challenge you with things like journaling, prayer, scripture memorization – all with the intent on helping to establish disciplines and rhythms in every man’s life.

Engagement: Individual/Group

Commitment: (FREE) 5 Wk. commitment

“DISCIPLINE RESTORE(D) was an absolute game changer for me. It gave me the kick in the butt I needed, and simple practices for reading my bible and praying. I can’t recommend this devo enough!” // Joel U.



A Man’s Gameplan Video Series

A Man’s Gameplan is a 5-session course designed by Men of Iron with the purpose of helping men develop a game plan for their 5F’s – faith, family, friends, fitness and finances. 


More FREE Resources...

My 5F Action Plan

NEW‼️ Check out our 5-day action plan that will start with an initial assessment in the areas of Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances. You’ll then understand how to set SMART goals that are achievable and propel you to growth in each of the five areas of every man’s life.

A Man's Friends Video Course

A Man’s Friends is a 6-part video series, including round table discussions with Garret Barbush, Vince Miller and Justin Watkins. Each video comes with additional downloadable content, providing instruction and direction for you, your mentorship or small group.

Fruit of the Spirit Video Course

Fruit of the Spirit is a 9-part video series that dives into Galatians 5:16-25 and provides teaching and instruction from the apostle Paul on how to truly experience a life guided by the Holy Spirit. This resource focuses on helping you experience spiritual change that only comes by spiritual effort – an unusual process for most men.

Fit & Forged

Fit & Forged is a 5-week fitness challenge that brings weekday devotional content to reinforce the balance of spiritual and physical discipline in every man’s life.