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Create Goals For Growth!


You’re building your life day by day, so live with PURPOSE 

Men – what you are about to experience is not a demolition project. Don’t feel the need to completely tear yourself down because you haven’t been living with purpose.  

What you are about to experience is a remodelRemodeling a house brings it new life, so get to work and allow God to bring new life to you! He will guide, but you must do the work. And you can’t do the work until you have a set of blueprints to remodel your home. 

Engagement: Individual

Commitment: (FREE) 5 Day commitment


What to Expect

This is a 5-day action plan that will start with an initial assessment in the areas of Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances. You’ll then understand how to set SMART goals that are achievable and propel you to growth in each of the five areas of every man’s life.

You will receive an email every morning (for 5 mornings) at 5AM (EST). Each day you will read a short lesson accompanied by a PDF worksheet.

Day 1 – Take the 5F Assessment: The 5F Assessment will help you evaluate your current situation regarding your 5Fs – faith, family, friends, fitness and finances

Day 2 – Thoughts/Takeaways/Observations: It’s time to dream and brainstorm. Review your 5F Assessment, determine what areas of your life need attention and what God is asking you to accomplish over the next 6-12 months in regards to your 5Fs

Day 3 – Secure the Foundation: Before you build your house, you build a solid foundation. With FAITH as your foundation, you will begin to build a balanced life. A man who builds his life on solid rock will PROSPER and weather adversity, but a man who builds his life on sand will COLLAPSE when the storms of life strike. Determine what spiritual disciplines need more attention in your life. What is God asking you to do in regards to your faith? 

Day 4 – 5F Goal Setting: It’s time to set your goals! Take your inspiration from Phases #1 & #2 to create S.M.A.R.T. goals for each F. Write out 2-3 specific action steps or goals for each of your 5F’s

Day 5 – Execute the Plan