Interested in starting a 1-to-1 or micro group mentorship? Or bringing mentorships to your church or community?

Equipping Men and Growing Godly Leaders

Through creating and sustaining 1-to-1 and micro group mentorships. That’s why we created Strong27 – a mentorship experience that provides mentors and proteges with the tools and training needed to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances.

Strong27™ Stories

Bob’s Story

"It's changed my life. I'm the miracle, it's happening." Men of Iron changed Bob's life. Through Strong27™ Bob has become a better husband and the spiritual leader of his family.

Brian’s Story

"Stepping up as the spiritual leader of my house and praying with my wife consistently each night before bed is one of those things that I knew I should be doing. And with the help of a mentor I was able to."

The Men involved


A man committed to experience accountability, balance and spiritual growth


A Godly man willing to mentor in a 1-to-1 or micro group setting


A Godly leader willing to oversee mentorships in his church or network

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