Ready to grow in your Faith, Family, Friends , Fitness and Finances? Strong27™ was founded on the concept of a mentor and protege meeting face-to-face to experience accountability, balance and spiritual growth. Whether it is 1-to-1 or a micro group, face-to-face mentorships provide the best opportunity to KNOW GOD, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE and KNOW EACH OTHER.


The Anchoredman Bootcamp – a clear and doable plan for spiritual growth! This study will make you into the kind of man your loved ones can trust and be proud of. This 5-part video series will give you the basic skills you need to better connect with God. Perfect for your men's small group, lead an Anchoredman Bootcamp with a group of like-minded men in your community or church.


Equilibrium is a turn-key men’s retreat resource designed to help men restore balance in their lives. Unload the burden of leading a group of men in an exceptional time of reflection, discussion and goal-setting, all anchored in a faith foundation with solid biblical principles.


Join an online brotherhood to study, discuss and apply the truths of Scripture together as we study the book of Romans. We will meet online for 45 minutes every other week with a rotation of teaching from Mitch Hershey, Dan Zecher and Justin Watkins (Sep. 14 – Jan 4). Each live Zoom session includes twenty minutes of teaching, followed by interaction from the group online, and prep for the chapter ahead. Scroll down to watch Week 1. It’s not too late to sign-up, join us for the next study on Monday, October 25th!



Because of this vision, we are in constant pursuit to provide the resources to equip men and grow Godly leaders. Each man will be equipped with the tools and training needed to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances. And with the engagement of other men, growing as the Godly leaders that each of us are called to be.


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“Coming into the Strong27™ mentorship experience, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what accountability was because I never had a father figure or positive role models in my life. Now that I’ve experienced mentorship, my life is changed forever.” Chad – Strong27™ Protege 2019