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9-Part Video Series

Fruit of the Spirit, is a 9-part video series that dives into Galatians 5:16-25 and provides teaching and instruction from the apostle Paul on how to truly experience a life guided by the Holy Spirit.

This resource focuses on helping you experience spiritual change that only comes by spiritual effort – an unusual process for most men.

Engagement: Individual/Group

Commitment: (FREE) 9 Wk./9 Sessions commitment


First, you will discover how every man encounters a real and internal spiritual conflict, and you’ll understand the real battle is a spiritual battle between flesh and spirit.

Second, you’re going to learn how every man has two ways to live. We can live driven by earthly desires that invite a physical process with a lot of sinful outcomes, or we can live driven by godly desires that invite a spiritual process with a lot of holy outcomes.

And lastly, you’ll engage with us as we talk about how men must embrace action. We have to command action in the desires, and it’s learning how to do this rightly that is challenging.

Enjoy round table discussions and teaching from Garret Barbush, Justin Watkins and Vince Miller. Each video comes with a PDF discussion guide to strengthen conversations in your mentorship, small group or bible study.


We are going to focus on four things within each fruit. We will discuss the following:

How do we define it?
What does it look like?
How do we do it?
How do we unpack it?


Download the PDF
Watch the video
Discuss the questions provided