The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Amateur Status

The sports world is on fire with trades, rumors of trades, and the frustrating echo of contract negotiations. Teams, jockeying for potential, fill gaps with raw or developed talent. The drama of trades, draft picks, and free agency brings enormous contracts, and the “fair” market value goes up and up. A quarterback signed the biggest contract ever, and now, he is the highest-paid… blah, blah. I am not one to say if they deserve the money, but what bothers me is when an athlete puts in the work to get a contract and then coasts after they land the “big one.” The shift is as typical as rain in Seattle, and the hard-working athlete can easily slip into a coasting professional just riding out his career. My naiveté may be speaking here, but I want to say, “Where’s the love of the game?” Being a high-paid professional can be synonymous with a coasting athlete. For an avid sports fan like me, it’s frustrating.

The other side of the scenario is no better. You have probably heard someone say, “That was an amateur move” or “Stop being such an amateur!” When did the word amateur become a slur against someone’s status? You may be surprised to find out that amateur does not mean unprofessional. The French word “amateur” is someone who loves what they do. Wait, what!?! An amateur can have a love for grilling, playing basketball, writing, learning, training, etc.

How does this translate to manhood?

Be an amateur and love what you do as a man.

Good men never arrive. Good men never get to where they can rest on their financial or social status. Good men embrace the growth required to be good at being a man. Men who grasp this concept begin to see improvement in all areas of life (even through adversity). Faith, family, fitness, finances, and friendships require work, and the allure of coasting and complacency is tempting. If you don’t like being a man or doing the work of a man, you are probably not being a very good one.


Get off the hamster wheel of living for promotions and enjoy being a man.

Three undeniable ways to be a good man.


+ Seek Accountability 

+ Pursue Mentorship 

+ Embrace Leadership


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