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The Men of Iron Minute

by Ryan Zook | Curriculum & Content Developer

Bad Leadership


Have you ever served under a bad leader?

If you ever have, it’s probably one of your more painful experiences. The saddest thing about a struggling leader is that it always affects more than just you. It affects the entire team.

What were the issues you noticed? There may have been no vision, and figuring out what you were expected to do took a lot of work. Maybe you felt suffocated or underappreciated. Maybe they expected more from you than what they were willing to give. Maybe you just plain didnt get along.

What kind of leader are you at home? Is it possible that your wife feels like you did? Or do your kids feel like you did?

Most bad leaders don’t even know they’re struggling.

They fail to notice at all.

You know how frustrating it is to work with a terrible leader, but have you considered the leadership that you offer to your home?


Are you repeating the same mistakes that bothered you in the past? 


In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul says, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

I never liked how prideful or simple this sounded, but lately, I think he was on to something. Paul’s leadership was directly linked to Jesus’ leadership. Paul did what Jesus did.

How often do you pay attention to Jesus? Do you know about what he did or how he did it? Paul knew that all of his decisions were based on what Jesus taught. It didn’t bother him to tell people to make decisions like he did because his choices were based on Jesus.

What would it take for you to get to that place?

Be like Jesus, not in a bumper sticker way, but in an honest, life-transforming, and meaningful way. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Then reread them. Pay attention to what Jesus does and how he does it.

Put the work in. Take time to know and understand Jesus. If you’re doing something he wouldn’t do, stop it. If you’re not doing something he would do, start immediately.


Lead your family like Jesus and with Jesus. 


Then, they can indeed follow you as you follow Christ.

If you’re not like Jesus, you’re not worth following.




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