The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Be the Man Standing When the Smoke Clears

Four Rivers Church is a congregation in Middle America. The church has been at the corner of Maple and Main for 150 years. Pastors have come and gone as the people hold the light of hope, and the fellowship hall is renowned for “famous” fried chicken, Mary’s homemade peach cobbler, and Uncle Billy’s chili. Four Rivers witnessed revival and release over the decades, yet the Gospel has been preached through many voices and personalities. On any given Sunday, the church is filled with hugs, hymns, and humor, but on this day, Four Rivers is a haven for hostility.

The church is facing cultural pressure. Favoring worldliness, the city has made aggressive strides against the Christian ethics that define Four Rivers. The cultural forces are shaking the foundations at Maple and Main, and some in the church have abandoned the faith. The leaders are trying to hold the line while the fiery words of skeptics and knit pickers unearth the cornerstone that gives life to this church. The wrecking ball came a few weeks later in a Sunday service.

Tension thick as a hot tar roof, Four Rivers is full steam. The leaders stand paralyzed as a moral tug of war rips the joy from the congregation. One man stands, and another man stands in protest. They joust with opinions and lob immoral accusations. The leaders stammer for words as the service goes full stop. Tempers flare, and the faithful pray. The factions divide, exposing the rift in the foundation and those taking sides. The incinerated words scorch integrity and shame the leaders into utter silence. People storm out of the church, still holding fire inside them. The vows “I am never coming back to this church” could be heard from down the block. This sleepy little town just woke up in a rage. Sunday morning, the smoke finally clears, and only a few remain in the sanctuary. John Rodgers is one of these men. He stands firmly resolved to fix what’s broken. His allegiance to Christ and the church offer hope and inspiration for those caught in the faithful middle.


John is not a deacon or elder; he is just a man. A godly man. Willing to stand. Standing for what’s right and not for who’s right. John stands amid the smoke, still beaming the light of Christ.


Be like John.

Find a mentor like John.

Be a better man.




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