The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Highs & Lows

It was time for a showdown! The Chase Center was rocking, and the fans were electric. Game 5 is underway on the banks of San Francisco Bay, and the Warriors and Celtics clash to go up one game in a seven-game series. The teams waged war on the court that night; every shot a dagger and rebound a sigh. The usual suspects came out to play in a classic east vs. west showdown. The pregame buzz surrounded Steph Curry.

Even though well defended, Curry couldn’t seem to miss in game 4. Curry offered what many called the “best shooting performance in NBA Finals history.” Curry’s postgame comments deflected to the strong play of others and the usual “team win” talk. His greatness shined on the court, but he polished the team in the postgame. Well defended, Curry lobbed shots into the stratosphere, bringing ozone and euphoria to the basketball world. That was game 4, and this is game 5!

All eyes were on Curry for an encore performance, but they didn’t get one. He didn’t make a single three-pointer all game and broke his streak that had existed since 2018. I can’t be sure, but I think even Celtics fans were rooting for him to drain a three (oh, okay, I might have gone too far). The Warriors won the game, but another player got the hype and press after a standout performance. I watched the postgame to see how Curry would handle the criticism, and he did what good men do. He took responsibility for his performance and thanked his team for their play and poise. At that moment, he seemed to be playing for more than a crowd.


If you live by the praise of others when you win, you will be crushed by the crowd when you lose.


Three life-changing truths for the highs and lows:


Stay grounded in God.

Dig into God’s Word.

Get input from God’s people.