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The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Needed Repair

The wind is a crazy and unpredictable thing. One day it’s gentle and mild, and the next, it’s ferocious and unwieldy. The invisible wind produces a visible effect. I had an unpredictable encounter recently. Entrenched in lawn machine repair on a warm sunny day, I took a break to bask in the breeze. As Dickens penned in Great Expectations, “It was one of those [March] days when the sun shines hot, and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

As refreshing as it was, I needed to get to work on the John Deere, so I quit slacking and went back into mechanic mode. A few minutes later, the wind blew with so much force that large and small oak branches began flying recklessly. The 50+ mile gusts startled me. The branches cracked as they hit the ground, so I scrambled to get everything in the garage before “wind-mageddon” destroyed the goods. The south wind almost knocked me off my feet as it whipped through the hardwoods. With everything inside, I quickly shut the door. That was a close one.

The next afternoon, I realized that the wind had lifted a section of the roofing. The roof needed fixing, and more rain was in the forecast. After an inspection, I nailed down the lifted section. Problem solved. This phrase came to mind, “Nothing will be right unless I work to make it right.”

This roof was my problem to solve, and I felt the pressure that responsibility brings. The weight of responsibility follows us around like a tractor-trailer on a cross-country haul. Men ought to feel the weight of responsibility and continue to live out their purpose. Better men work to make things right. Let this truth soak into you like a gentle rain into your masculine soul.


With roofs, marriages, or life.
Nothing will be right unless you work to make it right.


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