The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Thank You

Today I want to tell you, “Thank You.”

Thank you for working late and going in early. Thank you for taking care of your wife when she is sick and for the bandages you put on your kids’ knees when you knew that the invisible wound needed some attention. Thank you for calling your mom even though you knew she would give you a hard time for not calling her enough. Thank you for walking over to your neighbor’s house to help him carry that couch into his living room. He didn’t know what to do until you showed up. Thanks for that!

Thanks for taking that call from your pastor. We both know you didn’t feel like leaving the house, but you did, and the church is better because of your sacrifice. Thank you for driving that teenager to practice after a hard day at the job site. The sun was hot, and you needed a break, but you chose to drive them and even get ice cream to make it more memorable.

Thank you for taking your wife out for dinner. It meant a lot to her, and your willingness to listen made her day. Oh, and thank you for killing that spider. Your daughter will sleep better knowing that the big, bad, daddy-long-legs is out of existence.


Today and every day is a good day to say, “Thank you!”


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