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The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

The Breadcrumbs of Success

George rebuilds carburetors. It’s not a sexy corner office job, but he is after more than lofty views and expense reports. From the outside, Christian men can see George as a faithful Christian and connected family man. They are the breadcrumbs of his success. George is deeply connected to his local church and enjoys serving in the teen department. He runs wide open like a Holley carburetor, and they match his energy. Men are pulled to George, drawn by his devotion to Christ and family. He has faced cancer, loss, and windfalls, yet George remains consistent in his faith and faithfulness at home. George’s straightforward approach to life confounds men around him. They are perplexed. George is just George. No pretense. No faking it. He lives joyfully and wholeheartedly.

Success leaves breadcrumbs. These breadcrumbs are the reproducible traits that mentorship and discipleship offer to and from mentor/protégé. Let’s put on our trench coats like Sherlock and Watson to see if we can find a breadcrumb of two in our own lives.

  1. Write down some things you have done that you are proud of. The size of the accomplishment only matters if it matters to you. Gauging other people’s opinions of your achievement may not be helpful in our search.
  2. Narrow in on what you did, and let’s look for a breadcrumb. What was accomplished? What did you do specifically? How did what you believe affect what you did or said? Spend a bit of time under the microscope on this one, and be specific as possible.
  3. So far. So good. Let’s pan out and get an elevated look. Still looking at what you accomplished and how your belief impacted your decision or commitment, ask yourself the following questions. What obstacles came up? Were there challenges that you had to overcome? As you look at your list, do you see a connection?
  4. It’s okay to repeat the first three steps. Slowing down pays off. What did you do or not do based on your beliefs? How did you face failure after a try and fail?
  5. You’ve gathered info that is good for you to see and transferrable through mentorship, friendship, and fatherhood. Here’s your breadcrumb.


Do something.

Dare greatly.

Be a better man.




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