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The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

Tilt the World Toward Heaven, Part 1

Men on a mission! Have you ever pondered your role in shaping a world filled with grace and goodness? In a recent video from the ARC Conference, hosted by Jordan Peterson, he dropped this bomb, “Tilt the world towards Heaven and away from Hell.” In a typically shocking and well-educated way, Peterson brought this shock to the system, and then, I pondered on titling our world at home towards Heaven. Let’s dive into how fatherhood can tip our world toward a touch of Heaven.

Imagine this: every bedtime story, every moment of guidance, every word of encouragement, every bit of family worship time—they’re bricks laying the foundation for a world painted with faith and virtue. Where does the journey begin? It starts with a heart grounded in love and a dedication to nurturing. When we live out this legacy, we’re crafting a world where kindness and wisdom thrive. And what person doesn’t need that today!?!

Men, we’re co-creators with God, called to mold hearts, shape character, and infuse the world with the beauty of God’s love. I am not attempting to bolster artificial sentimentality. The truth is yes, you hold tremendous influence. Your presence and guidance are the cornerstone in tilting our world towards a glimpse of Heaven’s horizon. Let’s lead with love, teach with wisdom, and mold lives with unwavering commitment.

Together, let’s pioneer a shift toward compassionate leadership. We’re on a journey to change the culture one man at a time… towards Heaven! Ready to join in?


To see how Men of Iron brings men together on a mission, check out https://menofiron.org/theclimb/thepitch/


Let’s tilt the world toward Heaven!


Be a mentor.

Find a mentor.

Be a better man.






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