The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

You’ve Got Mail

The first computer-to-computer message was sent in 1969. Before Google, AOL, or Yahoo, Ray Tomlinson invented electronic mail. I first heard of email in 1997 when a coworker sent and received messages from his wife from the other side of the planet. I was skeptical of this new way of communicating that I made fun of him and his “electronic mail.” The joke was on me. I manage four different email addresses. Life today requires an email for business, pleasure, or staying up to date with hard-hitting blogs like this one. Blessing or curse? The jury is still out. I have found two different types of people in the world. One person checks and clears their email in a timely manner, and the other person rarely checks their email but allows unopened emails to stack up. Seriously, can we trust a person whose inbox has 2,367 unopened emails? What would Ray say? Hey guy, with 2,367 unopened emails, let’s relax. I am just kidding.

I realized yesterday that my email was completely empty for the first time in forever. I was plagued with emails that you don’t know what to do with, so I had always kept them until yesterday. It was strangely satisfying. As I thought about this seemingly insignificant occurrence, I reflected upon a much more important truth. Jesus cleans the slate of sin, guilt, and shame. The inbox of accusation is empty. The numbering of our transgressions is at zero. That’s deep.


What would you do if you knew you were completely forgiven? What life would you live? What dreams would you pursue? What ministry would you get involved in?


The sin count is zero for every Christian.

Dare greatly. Live mightily. Trust wholeheartedly.


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