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Next Steps

Getting started in your Strong27™ Mentorship requires a solid foundation. You cannot build that foundation without the proper tools. We provide the next steps needed to help equip and sustain you for your mentorship journey.

  • #1 – Recruit your Mentor or Protege (Contact Men of Iron if you need help)
  • #2 – Complete the Mentorship Training Camp: The training camp is a vital resource to get your mentorship started off on the right foot. We recommend you watch the training camp with your mentor or protege. If you can’t make that happen, then at least schedule a time to get together after you both have worked through the training. Access the training camp below.
  • #3 – Schedule Meeting Dates with your mentor/protege

Mentorship Training Camp Starter Guide

Mentorship Pro-Tips



“I was going through the motions as a husband and father. Honestly, I was tired and worn out. I found Men of Iron through a friend who encouraged me to seek out a mentor. I ended up asking a guy from my church, who I looked up to, to mentor me. It’s been life changing! Setting goals in my 5F’s has helped me to get back into reading my Bible and my relationship with God has grown tenfold.” Ty – Strong27™ Protege 2020