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60-Day Strategy

Lead with excellence on this mentorship journey!

YOU are the key to success of men engaging in intentional mentorship, where accountability and goal-setting become the bedrock of a man’s faith. Without your leadership these mentorships often grow stale and the potential God-given opportunity is lost. Men of Iron equips you, a leader among men, with the resources needed to invite, lead and exponentially grow this community of men under your care.


Download the 60-Day Strategy PDF here!

Days 1-5

Establish Launch Date, Promotion Dates & Build Your Team

  • Build a team of 3-4 “mentor directors.” These are men who check in with mentors every 30-60 days to make sure mentorships are staying on track. These men should also serve as mentors.
  • Establish a launch date to host the Strong27™ Mentorship Training Camp (MTC). Determine if the MTC will be led by Men of Iron’s staff or facilitated by you with MTC videos.
  • Determine when and how you will promote Strong27™
    • Example 1 – Host a men’s event and promote mentorship as a next step
    • Example 2 – Use all communication avenues available at church

Days 6-10


  • Use menofiron.org/promote for tools to promote Strong27™. Providing the link to this page or sending links to individuals will explain the mentorship experience. You are also provided downloadable social media and printable content.
  • Church Partners – We recommend an announcement be made in front of the congregation for at least 2 consecutive weeks. If announcements from stage are not possible, then a video to the congregation is another option. Compliment the announcement or video with a table, sign-up area or clear directions to sign up.

Days 11-35

Mentor & Protege Commitments

  • Getting firm commitments from men will take multiple attempts (phone calls, texts, emails, etc.). Personal phone calls from a respected leader is the most effective strategy. Only rely on emails as a follow-up to a phone call.
  • Follow-up emails can include promotion tools from menofiron.org/promote
  • Men of Iron has experienced greater success in mentorships when an invitation is initiated by a mentor to a protégé or a protégé to a mentor. Encourage your men to consider this. Use the videos (How Do I Find A Mentor/Protege) from the Strong27™ promote page to encourage approaching mentorships with a bold invitation (Most mentors and protégés will not be willing to do this but are open to mentorship. This is why building a pipeline of mentors and protégés to be paired is essential).

Days 36-50

Purchasing Strong27™ Mentorship Packages

  • Purchase all Mentorship Packages at least 14 days prior to the launch date. Any orders placed after the 14-day time frame are not guaranteed to arrive on time.
  • Purchase Options:
    • The Strong27™ Mentorship Package includes the Mentorship Guide, 5 Book – 20 Lessons Series (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness & Finances)
    • The Strong27™ Mentorship Starter Pack includes the Mentorship Guide and 20 Lessons to Build a Man’s Faith. The other books can be purchased individually.
    • If your organization is tax-exempt, we will supply you with a password to access this appropriate product in the online store. Be ready with you tax exemption certificate, as this will be required at time of purchase.
    • Click Here – https://menofiron.org/shop/

Days 51-60

Zoom Call & Submit Mentor/Protege Rosters

  • Director Zoom Prep Call (One week prior to the MTC). All Directors need to be part of the zoom call initiated and hosted by Men of Iron
  • Establish quarterly huddles dates so they can be communicated at the MTC. The Q1 Huddle should be within 90 days after the MTC. Q2 and Q3 huddles planned
  • Strong27™ Mentor/Protégé Roster – Submit a spreadsheet to Men of Iron with all mentor/protégé information (Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Home Address)
  • Submitting this information is mandatory for all mentors and protégés to receive further training and development provided by Men of Iron via email.