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The Executive Coaching program is designed for marketplace leaders looking for accountability, balance and spiritual growth, with an intentional focus on growing in their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances.

Experience includes:

  • One-on-one coaching and accountability
  • Focused goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Qualified coaches with business experience and insight


“Looking back I would have jumped into getting an Executive Coach sooner had I realized how much it was going to impact my family and business.” – Corby Z.

Executive Coach Profiles

Bryan Zeamer

Bryan Zeamer has been coaching, mentoring and leading for two decades. With a strong sense of discipline and a drive to see the world made better, Zeamer is dedicating his life's purpose to helping others win. When God is first, we can achieve balanced success in all areas of life.

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1. Why is Men of Iron mentoring executives and business owners? For years, Men of Iron Founder, Bryan Zeamer, looked for a business and life coach to help him grow in his faith as he scaled his business, ran a board of directors and led his family. He never found what he was looking for and knew there were other men who had a similar experience. Rather than sit idle, he decided to make a difference. He met with 2 local business owners who were scaling businesses and invited each of them into an executive mentorship. While business and finances were good for both men, their faith, family, friends and fitness were out of balance. God used both mentorships to restore balance in their lives. The mentorships also provided over $50,000 to Men of Iron! God used Bryan’s time and passion for mentoring men to not only change men’s lives, but to launch a social enterprise revenue model for Men of Iron.

2. Why should I be an Executive Coach for Men of Iron? While many men in the marketplace are laser focused on results, their souls end up depleted due to living out of balance. Your commitment to 1-to-1 coaching experience will provide a man with the accountability, balance and spiritual growth you both need to make greater kingdom impact. Coaching will sharpen you as much as it sharpens a client.

3. What’s the time commitment? 12 months – 2 meetings per month – 75 minute meetings

4. What else is included in the executive coaching process? Men of Iron’s staff will walk you through the intake process for all executive coaches. It includes a letter of recommendation, building a coach profile, assessments and training. Each coach/client pairing is also provided with the Strong27™ Mentorship Package, which includes Men of Iron’s Mentorship Guide, 5 books on faith, family, friends, fitness and finances and Men of Iron gear.

5. Who is responsible for the success of the coach/client relationship? Mentorships are client (protege) driven. It is the responsibility of the client to set goals, schedule meetings, initiate communication and to do the necessary work to accomplish his goals. Men of Iron’s staff also supports the success of your mentorship with quarterly mentorship evaluations. This feedback is shared with each coach and client and keeps the mentorships moving forward.

6. Who is responsible for paying for the executive coaching experience, what does it cost and where do the funds go? The client is responsible for payment. They can pay individually, or a business can pay for a client’s professional development. Men of Iron’s staff manages the billing process and will lead a discussion with you to determine an agreed upon price for the coach/client program that will go directly to Men of Iron’s 501(c)(3) operating budget.

7. How do I get matched with a client? Executive coaches have the choice of recruiting their own client, or Men of Iron can recruit the client. Mentorships are often more successful when the coach initiates the invitation.