We Equip Men and Grow Godly Leaders

That’s why we created Strong27 – a mentorship experience that provides mentors and proteges with the tools and training needed to grow in their faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances.

Who is Men of Iron?

Men of Iron Founder

“Men are defeated when they don’t realize their full purpose. I saw a culture of apathy around us and a culture that tells men they’re not worth much,” Bryan says. “But when men get it right, everything and everyone around them can flourish. A willing man who wants to take steps to be a Godly leader, that’s a wonderful thing.”

Bryan R. Zeamer, Men of Iron Founder

Our Team

Garret Barbush
President & CEO
Joel Keefer
VP of Operations
Steve Glick
Director of Communications
Justin Watkins
Vice President of Development
Chris Johnson
State Director (FL)
Linda Denlinger
Adminitrative Assistant