At Men of Iron our vision is to change a culture, one man at a time. 

We do that by equipping men and growing Godly leaders through creating and sustaining 1-to-1 and micro group mentorships.

Men of Iron was birthed out of a “holy discontent” of seeing men NOT do what they are supposed to do. Our Founder Bryan Zeamer felt a stirring in his heart to do something about it. Read our “Founder’s Story.”

“Men are defeated when they don’t realize their full purpose. I saw a culture of apathy around us and a culture that tells men they’re not worth much,” Bryan says. “But when men get it right, everything and everyone around them can flourish. A willing man who wants to take steps to be a Godly leader, that’s a wonderful thing.” // Bryan Zeamer, Men of Iron Founder.


From his career to his family, mentoring had always been a meaningful part of his life.
Founder's Story
The Leadership Team is focused on allowing the Holy Spirit to guide Men of Iron to new heights.
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In how we communicate, express gratitude and pursue our callings


In meeting people where they are


In how we think and plan


In how we build relationships and grow


In how we act and make decisions


In how we lead, manage and execute