Men of Iron exists because of a calling. We believe men are distinctly called to be Godly leaders in their families, their churches and their communities. Men of Iron partners with churches to implement and execute a culture-changing men’s ministry.

We come alongside and partner with churches to build a culture-changing men’s ministry. We’re a team of leaders in ministry, laser-focused on guiding churches every step of the way. We seek to sharpen men, with hopes of strengthening the church.

What emerges from Men of Iron is a courageous man of Christ. Men are equipped with wisdom for the challenges that come along with their faith, family, friends, fitness and finances. Men are ready to guide their communities, workplaces and churches. It’s authentic Christian leadership come to life.


From his career to his family, mentoring had always been a meaningful part of his life.
Founder's Story
The Leadership Team is focused on allowing the Holy Spirit to guide Men of Iron to new heights.
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