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Welcome to “Finding Freedom.” Available EXCLUSIVELY on Men of Iron+! Finding Freedom is 5 module course designed to help you experience true FREEDOM in Christ. 

We’ve all heard the story of the man killing it in his career. His finances look great, he’s in great physical shape, he’s got a number of great friends. Heck, he even goes to church every week, but his marriage is a mess and his relationship with his kids is a mess. He comes home one day only to find that note on the counter that his family has left.

You see, guys, we ALL have that one area in our lives that is holding us back from experiencing true freedom in Christ. It might be sexual integrity, but it could also be as simple as marriage or fatherhood. It could be your fitness and health. It might be your finances. The bottom line is this – if we take a moment to be honest – we all have that one area in our life that’s holding us back from experiencing the true destiny God has for us. The one thing that’s holding us back from true FREEDOM.