The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation


The house is packed! Friends are over abounding with fun and snack foods. Our home has been the hub for these gatherings for years. On this evening, every seat is taken, and the house is noisy from the competitive board games in the dining room, footsteps of kids running around and the TV blasting the big game. The home transformed into a frenzy of fun and frolicking. Like a technicolor picture, memories are captured in these moments.

At the close of the night, my wife remarked how good it was to have people in our home again, specifically the kids. We haven’t been in the baby or “chasing kids” phase for some time, and this night reminded us of how we long for their return. Make no mistake; kids are thieves. First, they steal your heart and then steal your time and money. What you get in return is invaluable because what they give is irreplaceable. Parents deliver in joyful exhaustion only to find another compartment of our heart opening for these robbers of our love.


The frames of life pass by, and if you’re intentional,

you seize moments like an old Polaroid captures history.


Enjoy the comedic brilliance of Jim Gaffigan, “Babies are the worst roommates. They’re unemployed. They don’t pay rent. They keep insane hours. Their hygiene is horrible. If you had a roommate that did any of the things babies do, you’d ask them to move out. ‘Do you remember what happened last night? Today you’re all smiles, but last night you were hitting the bottle really hard. Then you started screaming, and you threw up on me. Then you passed out and wet yourself. I went into the other room to get you some dry clothes, I came back, and you were all over my wife’s breasts! Right in front of me, her husband! Dude, you gotta move out.”


Capture the moment you’re in.

Recognize the place you’re in.

Celebrate the stage you’re in.


You won’t be here again, so take a picture!


Be a mentor.

Become a mentor.

Be a new man.

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