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The Men of Iron Minute

by Chad Zueck | Director of Content Creation

The Humble Enthusiast

Let me introduce Jim. Jim is a retired pharmaceutical chemist. Jim is like Walter White from Breaking Bad without the dark, meth-making angle. Pharmaceutical chemist? I have never taken a Chemistry class, so don’t ask me what he did for a living. Jim is an interesting and unassuming guy. Old school baseball jersey. Blue Navy service ball cap. Cargo shorts. Tall socks. Curly, gray hair creeping outside his hat. You have a picture in your mind. My kids would call this a “Dad.” I receive it as a badge of honor, and according to my conversation with Jim, he would too.

What made Jim intriguing wasn’t pharmaceutical chemistry because that puts me to sleep just typing it. Jim has 32 years of sobriety and a new zest for life, and I became enthralled in his story. He had “it” after nearly losing everything. Shockingly, losing everything to gain something better is the narrow walkway of the faithful (Mark 8:34-38). Jim and I talked about family, sponsors, good food, and the value of admitting our inability to fix ourselves. Digging deep, he shared how submitting to God frees us to receive the power to overcome any obstacle in this life. Jim was excited to talk about his change and how his life is different. He found humility and the value of helping others.

Who are these elusive people we call – the humble? Humble people know that everything good in their life comes from God. The humble are dependent on God, even desperate for God. Jim had no sense of self-reliance, self-promotion, or ‘lifting himself up.’ On the contrary, he learned that addiction brought him more and more self-absorption. Jim humbles himself before God in surrender and humbles himself before other people in service. The humble person is focused not on himself but on God and other people.


Jim has a bright optimism. He has that special thing that Jesus referred to as life. (John 10:10).


Would others say that about you?


Be a mentor.

Become a mentor.

Be a better man.

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