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Unashamed: A Men of Iron Bible Study

I am unashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God to save…Romans 1:16

Join an online brotherhood to study, discuss and apply the truths of Scripture together as we study the book of Romans. We will meet online for 45 minutes every other week with a rotation of teaching from Mitch Hershey, Dan Zecher and Justin Watkins (Sep. 14 – Jan 4). Each live Zoom session includes twenty minutes of teaching, followed by interaction from the group online, and prep for the chapter ahead. Scroll down to watch previous weeks. Join us for the next study on Tuesday, Jan 4th!

Prep Work for Week 9!

Men, don’t miss the final study of Unashamed as we dive into Romans 8 on Tuesday, January 4th! Over the next 2 weeks, make sure you go through the prep work below as you read through Romans 8. Remember to utilize Observation, Interpretation, Correlation, and Application as you go through the passage:

1. What are your titles and/or very short summaries of chapters 1-8?
2. How would you outline/break up chapter 8 (into what sections/chunks of verses)?
3. What would you title those sections/chunks of verses?
4. What does it look like to set our minds according to the Spirit (v. 5)?
5. How do we know if we are “in the flesh or in the Spirit” (v. 9)?
6. Paul mentions in v. 17 that we must suffer to become heirs, what does this look like for us? See 2. Tim. 3:12 and John 15:18-19.
7. Do you see any verses that offer motivation or encouragement in this chapter? Take note of these.
8. In vv. 37-39, Paul lists a number of things that can’t separate us from Christ, do you notice anything he does not mention? In other words, what can separate us from Him?


Week 1 (Intro): Tuesday, September 14 8PM (EST)

Week 2 (Romans 1): Tuesday, September 28 – 8PM (EST)

Week 3 (Romans 2): Tuesday, October 12 – 8PM (EST)

Week 4 (Romans 3): Monday, October 25 – 8PM (EST)

Week 5 (Romans 4): Tuesday, November 9 – 8PM (EST)

Week 6 (Romans 5): Tuesday, November 23 – 8PM (EST)

Week 7 (Romans 6): Tuesday, December 4 – 8PM (EST)

Week 8 (Romans 7): Tuesday, December 21 – 8PM (EST)

Week 9 (Romans 8): Tuesday, January 4, 2022 – 8PM (EST)